Sunday, 23 October 2011

Throw away your controllers - Tke Kinect is here

As soon as Nintendo launched the Wii console it took the video gaming society by storm. It opened up the world of computer entertainment to absolutely everyone. By means of holding an uncomplicated controller and swinging it just like a tennis racket you were able to immediately play tennis games on the Wii console.

There were not any complex buttons to understand or perhaps strange joystick actions which generally meant it was readily available to first-time video game enthusiasts, both young and old. At present, Microsofts brand new Kinect games platform takes things further due to the fact now there is absolutely no controller in anyway!

The actual Nintendo wii gaming console was revolutionary but Microsoft Kinect takes things a little more forward. Just like the Nintendo wii console, Kinect uses a scanning unit that rests upon your TV.

The difference is though; Kinect scans the body and even picks up your own movements, so this means there’s no need to actually hold a controller in your own hand. If you would like to choose something from an onscreen menus all you do is raise your hand and motion which icon you intend to choose.  If you’re playing a racing game you merely place your hands as if you are holding a steering wheel!

There’s no need to actually pay for a supplementary steering wheel add-on! If the state-of-the-art motion technology utilized in kinect isn’t remarkable enough, how about speech recognition as well? Yes, believe it or not, Kinect will be able to recognize speech commands with leading-edge voice recognition software.

It appears Microsoft’s completely new piece of kit is set to change the face of video games forever. Since it is an add-on  for the Xbox 360 it needs the new Xbox 360 gaming system too. The purchase price is still undisclosed since Microsoft Kinect isn’t due for release till Oct this year.

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