Friday, 18 November 2011

Fighting Styles - 3 Various Styles - All Deadly

The style of martial art referred to as Kung Fu is extremely old, however very powerful.  There are numerous distinct styles of Kung Fu. Some of the styles mirror animals and were created following close analysis of just how animals fight. Other styles differ based on just what part of China and in what era they were formulated. One factor is clear and that's every kind of Kung Fu is lethal when practiced by a martial arts practitioner.

Wing Chun is based on the notion that the opposition will attack, that you then absorb and retaliate.The full philosophy of Wing Chun usually takes a long time to completely comprehend, and many years of training in order to master.  From a technical perspective, Wing Chun makes use of a steady and never ever ending forward flow of energy that is based on the basic principle that a straight line is actually the quickest distance between two points.

On the offence, Wing Chun is about a mix of straight lines along with deflecting arcs.  Generally, it's an intense close quarter style that forces offensive attacks and takes the fight to the assailant.  It was originally conceived by a nun and is well suited for close quarter combat. One of the initial grand masters of Wing Chun was called Ip Man whose life story was told in the motion picture of the same name which is actually one of the best kung fu movies ever made. Ip Man was possibly most famous for teaching Bruce Lee the Win Chun Style of Kung Fu.

Over 400 years ago, a kung fu master referred to as Wang had a vision of a praying mantis fighting. Simply by using a praying mantis which he captured, Wang analyzed the movements of the praying mantis.  By mimicking the moves that he saw, he developed and also founded the Praying Mantis form of Kung Fu. Wang trained and perfected his very own martial art style simply by watching both offensive and defensive motions of the praying mantis. Praying Mantis kung fu is as deadly as it is renowned and can be observed in numerous Chinese Kung Fu movies.

It may well look absurd however the reality is that Monkey style is actually among the most harmful martial arts styles on the globe. The Monkey style all started when a peaceful man named See opposed police arrest after accidentally killing a cop. See was sentenced to ten years in prison for his crime, where he spent most of his time observing the prison apes.  He found them appealing and observed them endlessly from his prison cell. Over his ten year jail term, he studied the way the apes moved, paying really close focus on the way they defended themselves and also fought against one another. When he was released from the penitentiary, he modified his style, becoming identified as the Monkey Master.

I have listed a few of the hundreds of different kung fu styles which are even now practiced today. Most of the best kung fu movies will certainly display many of these more exotic types of martial combat and so are recommended if you have never observed them directly. Also in the event that you love these kinds of impressive kung fu outfits you might like to think about wearing one of them for halloween this year. The majority of people simply opt for scary halloween masks but amazing kung fu garments can look just as good!

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