Monday, 7 November 2011

Finding Inbound Links To Your Website

Three way back links are different to reciprocal hyperlinks. Reciprocal links among two web sites possess very little Search engine optimization worth anymore. three way back links on the other hand, when web-site A hyperlinks to website B and then website B hyperlinks back to A, convey more SEO worth and can effortlessly rank your own niche websites within not too competitive markets. The actual system functions by anyone adding a supplementary web page to your site that will ultimately consist of numerous back links to other web sites. In exchange your website link is placed on various other websites in a A-B-C layout. All you do is set up the web page and the actual program will take over from there.

You can have approximately fifty web sites inside the system and each web site can get two hundred and fifty in bound backlinks coming from two hundred and fifty different websites.The links tend to be added at a rate of something similar to 7-14 per day to ensure that it does not raise any kind of alarm bells with Google and also the backlink building looks organic. You are able to decide on 3 diverse keyword phrases for your anchor text. Key phrase one will be made use of 60% of the time, Keyword 2 will be employed 30% of the time and Keyword 3 will employed 10% of the time.

I used it personally for a couple of months. It quickly got many of my personal web sites to page one of Google within semi-competitive niche categories. It requires between 2-4 weeks before you begin to see the results, after which time you should be on the 1st page of Google depending on the competition of your specific niche market.

All round I liked 3 Way Links and thought it was almost as good as Ezarticlelink for link building. As soon as each and every website was set up, I really could let it rest and move on to the next. I also like the proven fact that all the backlinks originated from various other web sites and not just article directory sites or community forum links. Ultimately though the fifty website restriction was the main reason I quit. If that doesn’t effect you then you should certainly test 3 Way Links or at least read a 3 way links review first.

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