Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Have You Ever Been To A Real Castle?

The entire Uk country side is home to numerous widely known sightseeing opportunities. The southern region of Dorset definitely has got much more than it's fair share of widely known attractions. There are a few castles in Dorset nevertheless the most well-known has got to be Corfe Castle which is found in the eye-catching quaint village of Corfe.

Corfe is situated near the prominent Jurassic sea-coast about 8 Kilometres away from the beach front township of Swanage which is certainly an additional famous holidaymaker vacation spot. The whole village of Corfe is certainly a beautiful modest country village with most of it's buildings, including the two Corfe hotels, made out of the local Purbeck limestone.

A lot of the properties in the town go back more than 500 years and wandering in the village truly does give the feeling you have gone back in time.

While the village attracts a large number of travellers each and every year, it is the celebrated castle which happens to be the main reason that women and men from all around the world flock here.

Corfe Castle rests up high on a hillside looking over the actual village. You can also find countless books written with regards to the castle on account of all of the historical incidents which took place here. However Corfe castle was pretty much demolished many years back there's enough of it remaining to provide you with an excellent concept of what it really used to look like.

Located in Corfe Castle village there is in fact a smaller reproduction of the whole village as well as castle. If you need to view exactly what the castle once looked like Make sure you have a saunter throughout the gardens here.


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