Sunday, 11 September 2011

Kids With Migraine Headaches

There's merely one thing more painful than having a migraine yourself and that's watching your own baby suffer the actual distressing torment that individuals call a migraine headache.

I lived with headaches for most of my adult life and even though I knew headaches in kids were quite common, when my daughter Alana began developing them I was distraught.

Luckily I came across a way to assist us both. After i first started to have migraine headaches I went on powerful medicine to assist with the suffering.

I've never been a fan of medication specially migraine medicine as I am positive you're well aware of the side effects they will induce. I am sorry to state that I even let my child take prescription medication on a handful of occasions when I could not bear to see her suffer.

Thank goodness I have now realised there are additional approaches to assist the two of us. The very first thing that I can't highly recommend enough is to keep a migraine record for your own youngster. Following some investigation I found that a migraine journal should include a lot of things that I had never considered. Nevertheless at the minimum it should include the day to day activities of your children and also exactly what foods they've consumed.

It's tough initially however after a few years you soon get into the routine of documenting every thing your youngster does as well as consumes! Due to the fact there are so many different varieties of triggers that can set off migraines in children, it is crucial to understand what they've been doing and more importantly, eating. Picture if you had a diary of everything your son or daughter has been doing for the last half a year.

It will be not difficult to analyze the info and find out what points or maybe more frequently what combinations of issues bring about the headaches.

It is awful to watch a young child endure with a migraine however don't make the identical mistake I did and risk your kid's wellness simply by giving them dangerous migraine medicine. There are various natural migraine remedies that may considerably decrease migraine headaches in children. Just Google 'natural migraine remedies' or 'Migraines in Children'.

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