Thursday, 15 September 2011

Is Article Advertising Seriously Dead?

Things are changing. Although article promotion continues to be the actual building block of internet and affiliate marketing, marketing with video is actually becoming a lot more popular. The quantity of visitors that goes through You Tube and also other video sharing internet sites  is really very surprising and has begun to dwarf that of well-liked article submission sites including

How do we begin making videos to market your own merchandise? This is where Video Creation Mastery comes in. Video Creation Mastery goes through each diverse element of online video marketing from producing regular slide show videos, animoto videos, and talking head movies. It is made by Mark Thompson of Wp Goldmine fame. If you already know anything at all concerning WordPress Goldmine and Mark Thompson, you'll know what you should expect.. A quality product that really does what it states and with no buzz!

The thing I love best about this product is the fact that Mark doesn't actually have an incredible speaking tone of voice and confesses himself that he hates the sound of his own voice. Exactly what this shows is that anyone can easily make video tutorials and you don't have to be a radio Disc-jockey or TV presenter to come across properly.

I seriously like Video Creation Mastery. It's opened my eyes up to the many ways video may be used to market affiliate programs. One of my favourites is Animoto. For making slide-show movies, it can’t be beaten. Video Creation Mastery takes you through the effortless procedure for making videos using Animoto.

Additionally Animoto cost nothing for videos under 30 seconds. There are paid choices too, along with the lowest one being $5 each month. If you would like more info concerning Video Creation Mastery I suggest you simply Google 'ways of making money online for beginners'.

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