Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Are You Obtaining The Amazon Kindle 4? ?

During the last number of years ebook readers have seriously began to become popular. In the old days many people chuckled at the idea and also claimed they would never ever gain in popularity but yet here we all are within a time of modern technology which has witnessed millions of people embrace electronic book readers. The two main major participants within this marketplace are the Kindle reader and the Nook.

The media hype surrounding the Kindle 4 suggests that it is going to be a full color ebook reader device. The Amazon kindle Color as many people are already calling it, is really placed to propel e-book readers to another level. The point that has made Amazon kindle so well liked so far is that it's compact light-weight and really simple to read, even in vibrant sunshine. The main question is actually if Amazon will be able to emulate these traits together with the inclusion of total colour. At present there are no great color displays which can be read in bright sunshine meaning that Amazon have their work cut out.

Having a color display it appears that the capability to make use of it like a internet browser is surely an inevitable feature. The concern is however, do people seriously desire these kind of functions on their e book reader? All the brand-new features that the brand new Amazon kindle 4 is expected to possess would signify that they're planning to make it more of a tablet type device like the ipad tablet.

I do believe Amazon have done their own consumer research however in my estimation it is hard to determine just who they are going to aiming the Kindle 4 at? ? Personally I own an ipad 2 that I use for surfing around cyberspace in addition to reading through color graphic novels that truly look wonderful on the ipad device.

Given that I currently own an ipad the Kindle 4 or Kindle Color doesn't interest me whatsoever. Actually I'm impatiently looking forward to the introduction of the Amazon kindle four in order that I can buy a low cost Kindle 3 as the price level will in the end fall when Kindle four is actually launched.

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